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Oxygen Facial 

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment has been evolving since the 1940’s. Today, hyperbaric oxygen is administered topically which, means directly on those lines and creases on your face to accelerate the production of collagen. It is administered through technology that looks like an airbrush in the hands of a facialist. Clearly, the reason why so many celebrities rely on the oxyfen facial to keep their faces smooth and firm is because the O2 Intraceutical Treatment works.  For example,  Madonna revealed to Harper’s Bazaar that she has become so fond of her Oxygen Facials that she keeps an oxygen machine in each of her homes.

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While only the very wealthy can afford the luxury of a “house call”, you will be able to secure an initial series of at least 6 weekly treatments followed by monthly and then yearly touch-ups. The O2 Intraceuticals Hyperbaric facial is part of a trend that shows cosmetic surgery procedures decreasing and non-invasive treatments increasing over the next 10 years.

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The O2 Intraceutical System delivers a potent combo of oxygen and hyaluronic acid that has the lowest molecular weight available on the market. A lower molecular weight means that the serum is easily absorbed through the skin pores and directly into the tissue. The more oxygen and serum absorbed, the better the facial. In fact, after the actual facial is over moisture molecules continuously bond to the tissues plumping up the skin for days after the treatment.


Unlike many facials, where you can expect a myriad of uncomfortable processes including: extractions, exfoliations and cosmetic peeling solutions that may burn, the Oxygen Facial is a luxuriously soothing process wherein cool streams of oxygen and serum are sprayed gently onto your face.

The results are instant. Within seconds of the application you will see a visible plumping of the skin. Let the Oxygen Facial be the crowning jewel of your new beauty regime, alone or in combination with other beneficial treatments and watch the years literally melt away without pain or discomfort.

Please see press on O2 Intraceuticals Hyperbaric Oxygen Facial below:







New Beauty Magazine

Make Over Issue

Take a look at the latest interview with Deirdre Burke our U.S Director for Sales and Education in this months New Beauty Magazine. Interesting facts on how our skin slowly but surely looses oxygen levels at a rapid rate after the age of 30 more..




Real Housewives of Orange County


Check out the Real Housewives from Orange County talking about the painful process of botox versus the painless benefits of Intraceuticals treatments video...












American Spa Magazine U.S.A

Relaxation Royale Issue

It really does give you instant gratification, and I think that’s why the facial was embraced by celebrities. Proponents say skin looks plump and dewy after the service,making it popular with guests who want to look more youthful and camera-ready for special events more...




Statement Magazine U.S

The Love Issue

Features our Atoxelene Line wand more...












Shop Til You Drop Magazine

Intraceuticals Atoxelene Line Wand

The girls at Shop til you drop talk about our Atoxelene Line wand more...




Star’s Beauty Secret Revealed

Oxygen therapy keeps Madonna looking young

Michelle Peck, Madonna’s oxygen therapist, gives her a treatment prior to every show. The 49-year-old pop diva is so enamored with the noninvasive, natural treatment more...













She Said


Madonna's make-up artist insists on all of her clients having an Intraceuticals treatment before make-up is applied to achieve the perfect canvas more...




Riviera Magazine U.S.A

Favorite Facials

Our favorite new facial the Intraceuticals Oxygen Infusion therapy at Sports Club/L.A's Splash Spa more...












Day Spa Magazine

Jan 2008

U.S Day Spa Magazine looks at our Intraceucuticals Opulence Essential Care Course kit more





Beauty TV

Feb 2008

Beauty TV talks to Cheri Thompson about the long lasting effects of our Intraceuticals infusion treatments video













Harpers Bazaar U.K

Feb 2008

Intraceuticals is the treat loved by Madonna and all the red carpet regulars more...




Jetstar Magazine

Feb 2008

Jetstar Magazine reports Eva Longoria "The treatments are a necessity before every major event more...












Style for

The Web's most stylish Savings

Style for free reports our Intraceuticals Atoxelene Line Wand as the best wrinkle zapper ever more..



What's current and cool on the Dallas Beauty Scene

The Ritz-Carlton Dallas

We couldn’t resist an Intraceuticals Oxygen Infusion treatment, the midsession revealed treated side rosy, plump and lifted; instantly explained why Madonna has a system in each of her three homes and gets a 30-minute infusion before each performance more...












Beauty Ideas at Bride to Be - Super Star Skin

Jan 2008

Eva Longoria attributes her glowing skin to Intraceuticals Opulence Brightening Infusion treatment more...




Style Today Netherlands

October 2007

She is 49 years old but has the skin of a thirty-year old. How does she do it? I know the answer! Madonnas beauty secret is a facial with pure oxygen and a magic serum treated more...












U.S.A W Magazine

W Beauty Flash

Beauty Buzz. Jane Larkworthy uncovers new scents, chic shadows, great showers and Intraceuticals more...



Melanie Segal's Platinum Emmy Lounge Shined at the Luxe Hotel in Beverly Hills”

Oxygen Facials by Intraceuticals

High atop the Luxe Hotel on the roof deck penthouse overlooking Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, Sheer Cover presented Melanie Segal’s Platinum Emmy Lounge. As the celebrities strolled around the rooftop, they were treated to luxury items more...












Sunday Express Magazine U.K

Treatment of the Week

O2 Intraceuticals Oxygen Infusion Facial. At nearly 49, Madonna has the face of a woman much younger. more...




Australian Woman's Day

Anti Ageing Finds...

Intraceuticals Atoxelene Line Wand. This concentrated hydration complex contains atoxelene which smoothes out wrinkles and fine line. more...













Discover the Beauty of Australia

Australia, the country where Helena Rubinstein first built her beauty empire, plans to trumpet it's beauty authority in the U.S market. more...




That Women's Show

Dubai: Television Interview with Michelle Peck and our C.E.O

Exclusive interview with Michelle Peck and our C.E.O Anthony McMahon in Dubai discussing the benefits of our treatments in harsh climates such as the Middle East. Video








Fairytale Chic

Bold Face Beauty and Disney's Couture Kidada’s Princess Parlor

(LOS ANGELES) It was every big and little girl’s fantasy: a huge white tent strewn with pink Chinese lanterns and cherry blossoms, filled with jewelry, cookies, and Hollywood’s best beauty experts doing free blow-outs, hair extensions, facials, and makeovers. Not to mention that it was at Quincy Jones’ Bel-Air estate. more













Madonna;I love the Intraceuticals treatment and so does my face

Facelift with Oxygen more




Tara's Magazine Test

“Pain free methods to reduce wrinkles”. Latest news against wrinkles, easy, gentle and effective more












Famous Magazine March 07

Inside My Beauty Bag Madonna

Gina Brooke Madonna's makeup artist introduced her to Intraceuticals and she is now a devoted fan more...



New Woman March 07

10 New Tricks Your Skin will Thank You for.

The latest secret weapon in wrinkle
blitzing is the Intraceuticals Atoxelene Line Wand contains a blend of hyaluronic acid more...











Nelson Aspen's exclusive coverage of 79th Annual Academy Awards

Aussie Beauty Tips for Oscar Night

NELSON ASPEN is one of Entertainment's most charming on-air personalities. He chats about The Aussie skin connection. The Aussie beauty experts at "Intraceuticals" have set up a hospitality suite in Beverly Hills for the week leading up to Oscar night so that celebs can get the same "Oxygen Facials"more...




Harpers Bazaar March 2007

Fast, New Beauty Fixes

The most talked about treatment promise, major results with only a small time commitment. Alexandra Parness investigates a fresh crop of lunchtime lifts more...














Video Clip

E-News talks about Madonna discovering the fountain of youth having Michelle Peck our beauty therapist treating her with our oxygen treatments for the last two years. more...




Access Hollywood

Video Clip

Have a look at the Access Hollywood video describing how Intraceuticals oxygen facials work and how Madonna has one before every show Video ...












Good Day L.A./Fox Television Network

Style File

In style file, I went to Madonna's personal facialist, this woman named Michelle. She's awesome. Lisa Ashley introduced me to her. If you wonder why Madonna is 47 and looks amazing. One of the reasons, anyway is she has this oxygen machine Video...




By Annika Mengisen Staff Reporter
1/4/2007 9:12 AM EST

Did you ever wonder where celebrities get that glowing, red-carpet-worthy complexion? The answer lies in oxygen facials, Hollywood's not-so-well-kept secret more...












Today Tonight

The Oxy Facial

Check out Michelle Peck (Madonna's facialist) talking about our Hollywood treatment on Today Tonight on Australian T.V Video...




Authority on Fabulous

Me and Madonna

This is not a report of a Madonna sighting. I've seen a handful of celebs since moving to L.A., but most of the time I'm too wrapped up in my own agenda to pay attention or notice. (That doesn't mean I don't read Perez Hilton. I do.) However, a few weeks ago I received an oxygen facial treatment from Michelle Peck more...












Allure Magazine U.S.A Nov '06

Celebrity Skin

Madonna's latest rumoured obsession
is a new skin machine, the $6,995 O2
Intraceuticals, which shoots pressurized
oxygen into skin that's pre coated with
wrinkle-fighting serum more...



Good Medicine Magazine Australia Dec '06

The O2 Factor

It's essential for life but is freely available all
around us, so why pay for it? Extra O2 is
being spruiked as beneficial for good health more...







 Nov '06

Oxygen Mask

They say LA is smoggy and NYC is dirty.
The air may be bad for our collective health.
Still when you jet between the coasts your
concerns are a bit more immediate more...




Cosmopolitan Magazine Australia Nov '06

Make your world Beautiful

Our very own George Doukas talks to Cosmo about oxygen benefits more...








Japanese Magazine Ryukou Tsushin Nov '06

The reason why we are beautiful. Madonna "I love the treatment so does my face".

Discusses Madonna and her use of our Atoxelene wand whilst on tour in Japan more...



Good Medicine Australia Nov '06

Beauty Q & A

Good Medicine Magazine Australia looks at what the main benefits of using skincare containing oxygen more...












Today Tonight Perth Australia

Oxy Facial

Reporter: Jackie Quist
Madonna loves them so too does Heather Locklear, Donatella Versace and Gwen Stefani, apparently. Oxygen Facials are the latest fad being embraced by celebrities anxious to stave off the dreaded aging process more...


Shop Til You Drop Magazine

Oct '06

Everyone's talking about O2 Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial. The 30 minute treatment combines regenerative oxygen with soothing anti-oxidants more...








O2 Intraceuticals Atoxelene™ Line Wand has been chosen to be in the this year’s Performers Nominee Gift Bag which will be given to Performers at the Nominee Reception on August 25 at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood.

When your busy, hectic life starts to take its toll on skin the challenge is to find a product that gives undernourished, dry skin a youthful glow. There’s a new fast and convenient treatment that is only the size of a pen and helps touch up your complexion without involving pain or mess. It’s the O2 Intraceuticals Atoxelene™ Line Wand.

Oxygen therapy isn’t just for Hollywood stars, now stars of the small screen are getting in on the act! This year the glam-on-the-go O2 Intraceuticals Atoxelene™ Line Wand is a gift for all 2006 Performer Nominees. The small screen starlets from all your favourite television shows, will have fresh glowing skin as they work the red carpet. more..

Cream Magazine Sept '06

Scott Winter

"I love the treatment and so does my face," says Madonna of the new O2 Intraceuticals 'oxygen facial'. So we're not surprised the treatment is taking the beauty industry by storm. The star's personal facialist, Michelle peck, was in Australia recently to push O2, promising us that "the application of the serum with oxygen promotes the acceleration of cellular growth giving a finer younger-looking outer-layer on the face". more...




Australian Slimming and Health

Oct '06

Dubbed the Look good now facial, this speed treatment ( it takes 30 minutes) involves the application of a Rejuvenation Serum using an oxygen machine. I was really intrigued to know if it was possible for anything to make my stressed and neglected skin "look good now". Thew serum is full of anti-ageing goodies - vitamins A,C,E and green tea more...

New Idea Magazine Aug '06

Mad for Madonna Fresh Faced

Madge uses O2 Intraceutical Oxygen Treatments. In fact she bought an oxygen machine for each of her homes. Known as the oxygen facial it's said to reduce the appearance of fine lines.



Madison July '06
Celebrity Moment

Hollywood-based facialist to the stars, Michelle Peck, recently visited Australia to showcase the O2 Intraceuticals Oxygen treatment, aka the M facial (named after it's biggest fan,
Madonna), which uses specialised oxygen equipment to dramatically improve the skin's appearance. According to Peck, "In just one 30 minute treatment, skin looks and feels rejuvenated, radiant, moisturised and fresh."Many of Peck's celebrity clients,
who include Molly Sims and Heather Locklear, even have their own Intraceuticals equipment at home for instant pick-me-ups. The procedure involves six weekly treatments followed by monthly facials, costing $140-200 each. Call 1300 725 660.




Extract from Skin Deep with Melinda Oliver

Melbourne Weekly July 2006

Intraceuticals TREATMENT
The skin therapy company Intraceuticals has launched its own version of this rejuvenating facial, promising instant results for fresher-looking skin. This treatment combines hyperbaric oxygen therapy - a concentrated blowing of oxygen onto the skin to infuse cells - and a
rejuvenation serum to help clear away lines and encourage cell renewal. Available at Nhance Skin
Body and Spirit, Brighton, Phl: 9596 8077.

mwm Story




Justified: Out of the bathroom and into the Salon. June '06

Men become regulars at beauty salons.
Justin Timberlake is a southern gentleman with a modern twist. He’s also one of the most envied men on the planet with the world at his feet. He has the talent, the career, the success, the looks, the surfing holidays and to top it off one of the most beautiful women in the world on his arm.

Despite the constant hounding of his glamorous, active life Timberlake has found a solution to keeping his skin rejuvenated and at its best. O2 Intraceuticals Infusion™.

‘Years of touring, flying and TV make-up take their toll on your skin. O2 Intraceuticals Infusion™ gives my skin its best chance to regenerate and breath so I can look and feel my best.’ says Timberlake.

The ‘soap and water’ approach to skin care for men has long been a thing of the past. Grooming regimes for men have extended beyond the bathroom and into the salon. The damage and irritation of shaving, along with the consequence of an active lifestyle like Justin’s are no longer issues men endure.

O2 Intraceuticals Infusion™ is a 30 minute, painless, non-evasive treatment enabling you to walk out of the salon looking good and feeling great immediately.

Purchased only through beauticians, the treatment improves skin tone, reduces the appearance of fine lines and provides an instant firming and lift. The results speak for themselves.

















J'ai of Beverly Hills

J'ai of Beverly Hills June '06

I'm thrilled--thrilled!-- to announce that I have added new treatments that will be exceptional additions to almost any skin care program: hyperbaric oxygen treatment and, in tandem, an atoxelene treatment. To say that clients who have already experienced the oxygen treatment are impressed is an understatement. Check out for more info.


The Aussie skin treatment taking Hollywood by storm

OK Magazine June '06

What's the secret behind Madonna's amazing skin? It's an innovation that started right here in Australia - O2 Intraceuticals Oxygen Treatments (from $90) otherwise known as oxygen facials.

The 30 minute treatment infuses the skin with a rejuvenating serum using pressurised oxygen. Wrinkles are instantly plumped out, leaving you fresh and glowing. Madonna's facialist Michelle peck says, "The results last for about four to seven days, depending on how dehydrated your skin is. Celebrities have it more often when they're doing a lot of publicity because of the instant results.



O2 Intraceuticals in the media in Sweden

Jet Set Magazine June '06

Click here for PDF (791k)


Havin' a Blast

Who Magazine May '06

At 46, Madonna is envied for her flawless skin. Now, the singer has revealed a secret: oxygen facials. Her facialist Michelle Peck follows her around the globe plumping up her pores with a machine, which applies oxygen and the O2 Intraceuticals Rejuvenation Serum to the skin.





Beauty News LA

Beauty News La .com May '06 Male Perspective
02 Intraceuticals Oxygen Therapy Facial:
Go Ahead, Party Like A Rockstar
By Anthony Deane

As everybody knows there are pro’s and con’s to the Los Angeles lifestyle. One benefit is the endless supply of dry sunny days, and one of the drawbacks is the endless supply of dry sunny days, add your rockstar social schedule with a pinch of work (let’s be honest), mix it all together…take a sip…and watch the ageing begin. Luckily for guys, the Metrosexual revolution is in full swing and facials aren’t just for the ladies anymore. Deep in the heart of the treacherous beauty battle zone called Beverly Hills lies the ultra swanky Anastasia Salon on Bedford Drive, which has just unleashed the new “Topical Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Facial”. I cannot lie… it would be a lot easier to write this piece if I could stop staring at myself in the mirror in awe at how good my skin looks after only one session.

The wonderful staff at the Anastasia Salon was trained by the celebrity skin Svengali, Michelle Peck, who is Madonna’s personal faci-A-list. Madonna is so hooked she keeps an oxygen machine in each of her modest homes. For full story

Oxygen Facials Gaining Steam

Charlotte Observer - New York April '06
Treatment fans include Madonna. Charlotte Observer - NEW YORK April 20th
Is the hyperbaric oxygen facial – endorsed by Madonna – the next big thing in beauty treatments? The pop star, 47, has recommended it on her Web site...




The Oxygen Facial: Fact, Fiction, Fabulous

Beauty News Los Angeles April '06 The Oxygen Facial: Fact, Fiction, Fabulous By Marie Bargas

Just a stone's throw away from Beverly Hills, off the 405 in Encino, celebrity traffic to Rashel Pouri's Medi Spa, has reached a near fever pitch since this spa added the Oxygen Facial to it's repertoire of beauty treatments. In fact the furor over Madonna's personal endorsement has raised this particular facial to near mythic proportions. Since Madonna revealed to Harper's Bazaar that she has become so fond of her Oxygen Facials that she keeps an oxygen machine in each of her homes, literally every spa in Beverly Hills, the West Side, all the way to Pacific Palisades and Malibu is scrambling to add this facial to their beauty menu - so much for the power of celebrity.








Interview with Madonna's oxygen facialist

The official site

Check out for an exclusive interview with our oxygen therapy facialist Michelle Peck explaining how and why she gives madonna her regular oxygen treatments.








Madonna's Beauty treatments

Harper's Bazaar U.S May '06

Have you read the latest U.S Harpers Bazaar magazine talking to madonna about her beauty routine and her oxygen treatments.



Review of O2 Intraceutical Products

American Spa magazine April '06

O2 Oxygen Rejuvenating Facial The air in most cities is not exactly pure. This lack of fresh air can lead to headaches, stress, wrinkles, fatigue, and depression. Blue Medical Beauty Spa (Los Angeles) offers the O2 Oxygen Rejuvenating Facial to give clients the oxygen their skin craves.- American Spa Magazine