Tri-active LaserDermology and Endermologie® as seen on CBS, FOX, MedStar and in Fitness Magazine.

Get Help to Rid Yourself of Love Handles and the Spare Tire Around Your Mid-section.

  • An out of shape midsection is the #1 fitness problem for men, and can contribute to serious health risks.

  • 59% of American men are overweight—and the midsection is the #1 problem area.

  • This complete 7-week program includes Endermologie® and Tri-active LaserDermology® treatments—popular new techniques now being used by men.

  • Abs are of special concern to both men and women for reasons of appearance and athletic performance— excess “ab flab” has been identified as a risk factor for heart problems.

Love Handles! Those stubborn pads of fat that widen your waist and never seem to vanish, no matter how much you exercise.  Well, you don't have to be saddled with love handles. Trade them in for a smaller waist, etched with rows of toned muscle...a 6-pack! Cellulite Reduction and Slimming Medi-Spa will show you how to reduce those love handles in a safe non-invasive way.  

According to recent research, you may be able to blame your love handles or spare tire (whichever euphemism you prefer!) on the stress in your life. A new study shows that stress can actually change your nervous system and hormones in ways that encourage fat accumulation—especially around the waist. This type of excess fat can present a greater health risk than overall plumpness and has been linked to increased rates of hypertension, heart disease, and diabetes.

Men whose excess pounds accumulate around the waist tend to have changes in the activity of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis (HPA). The HPA is a regulatory system that links the parts of the brain that control metabolism with the adrenal gland which is responsible for producing important regulatory hormones. Researchers have found that men with excess abdominal fat also show evidence of changes in a part of the nervous system that helps keep many of the body s functions in balance. Study results suggest that these brain and hormone (or neuroendocrine) changes are the result of living with chronic stress.

Studies suggest that stress changes the neuroendocrine activity and this, in turn, causes the body to acquire excess fat in the midsection. He says these changes in neuroendocrine activity were seen in men with abdominal obesity, but not in those whose excess weight was distributed more generally.

The (abdominally obese) men are either exposed to more stress or have reduced coping mechanisms. It appears that long-lasting negative stress is the starting point. Humans were not made to live under conditions of relentless stress, as many people do today.  Under such conditions, many people will eat more and gain weight, but certain vulnerable people will have an abdominal distribution of the excess fat, and this is more dangerous than just being generally a little bit fat.

In this day of cell phones, voice mail, pagers and e-mail, it is almost impossible for anyone who tries to keep up not to feel pressured a lot of the time. These new technologies have raised the general level of stress. A stress reduction program is recommended for anyone who is trying to reduce weight, but it might be particularly important for those with abdominal obesity.


With Endermologie® blood flow is stimulated increasing the circulation by 200% (manual massage increases the circulation by 60%). Endermologie® uses rollers and gentle suctioning to provide deep massage, increasing blood circulation to all parts of the body. Stiff, tense muscles are soothed. Nerves are calmed, and stress and anxiety are reduced, as a sense of well-being is found.

Avoid the appearance of cellulite by using Endermologie®, the first treatment to be FDA-approved for cellulite reduction and loss of body circumference and for body contouring. Let Endermologie® work to move fat globules and lax connective tissue to bring back equilibrium under the surface of your skin.

Endermologie® is a non-surgical cellulite procedure that will help you to reduce inches and reduce unwanted cellulite. Endermologie® uses rollers and suction to produce a deep, stimulating massage that increases blood flow to the trouble zone.

The Endermologie procedure is wonderfully relaxing and very simple: You will be asked to lie on a massage table clothed in a body stocking while a certified technician glides the Endermologie® machine across the surface of your skin. Gentle suction massages and folds the skin, increasing circulation and stimulating the subcutaneous and deep layers of fat and muscle. The action of the hand-held rollers also stimulates and exercises the connective tissue and increases the exfoliation of skin cells, adding to the enhanced appearance of the skin.

Body contour improves as skin becomes taut and smooth again. You may also notice that clothing begins to fit differently within weeks of the first session. Typically, dramatic improvements in the reduction of circumference and cellulite can be seen by the 10th session.

A maintenance program is recommended to produce long-term reduction of cellulite, toning and shaping the skin on hips, thighs, waist, abdomen and other areas.

Endermologie®: FDA Approved for Cellulite Reduction and Body Contouring

Endermologie® solves the cellulite problem by stimulating circulation and collagen enhancement in the affected area to produce smoother skin.

Technicians at the Cellulite Reduction and Slimming Medi-Spa use the revolutionary LPG Endermologie® massager to achieve desired results. The procedure typically results in a three to five-fold increase in collagen production, and a three-fold increase in circulation for up to six hours after the treatment resulting in smoother skin.

Endermologie® is the first FDA-approved, non-invasive, non-surgical means of cellulite reduction. The procedure is also FDA-approved for over all reduction of inches, which allows for a body contouring effect. A recent study, conducted at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee, showed that Endermologie causes a dramatic increase in collagen content after just 14 to 20 sessions, resulting in tighter, firmer skin.

Endermologie is the world's first patented technology, which is FDA-approved to:

  • temporarily, yet effectively reduce the appearance of cellulite

  • increase circulation

  • relieve minor muscle aches and pains

  • relax muscle spasms

The Endermologie® experience is a comprehensive, non-surgical approach, which embraces the physical and aesthetic needs of the whole body using a patented technique proven safe and effective. Discover the beauty of a figure that inspires self-confidence.

Endermologie® combines:

  • LPG®-patented therapeutic massagers

  • Specific maneuvers that work various layers of the skin

  • Individualized protocols applied over the whole body

  • Various programs adapted to different cellulite conditions

This patented technique, developed in France over a decade ago, efficiently produces results using a refreshing, non-surgical method applied through a course of weekly sessions. From head to toe, your Endermologie® experience is effective, safe and painless.

Endermologie® uses rollers and gentle suctioning to deep massage the affected areas in a way that cannot be otherwise duplicated. Studies have shown that circulation is increased, collagen function is restored, toxins and abnormal water buildup is expelled as the connective fibers are stretched. The result is a smoother body.

Tri-Active LaserDermology: FDA Approved for Cellulite Reduction and Body Contouring

Triple Action

  • Laser action

  • Mechanical massage

  • Localized cooling

Multiple Applications

  • Cellulite treatment

  • Pre- and post-liposuction

  • Facial smoothing

  • Body smoothing

  • Enhances microcirculation

  • Therapeutic massage

Tri-Active LaserDermology is the result of the newest technology, incorporating three different methods (Triple Action) for restoring a normal balance to the skin and outer layers, including smoothing and tightening.

This Triple Action treatment is designed to reduce the appearance of cellulite through the combined action of mechanical massage, localized cooling and deep laser stimulation.

Triple Action Results: A Smooth and Tightened Body and Younger-Looking Face

  • Deep Laser Action—The action of the six diode lasers enhances microcirculation.

  • Mechanical Massage—The deep massaging and stimulating action on the subcutaneous tissue may result in a tighter appearance in the treated areas.  This can be particularly noticeable when the treatments are done before and after liposuction procedures.

  • Localized cooling—Cooling aids in smoothing the appearance of cellulite.


Smoothing and tightening can be accomplished in most areas of the body, including the face.  These benefits are enhanced when combined with a healthy diet (including sufficient fluid intake) and exercise (including yoga and tai chi).

The Tri-Active LaserDermology system is the answer for cellulite treatment, liposuction support before and after procedures.  Two special "fatigue-free" hand pieces—for large and small areas—are ergonomically designed for ease of use.  Body areas can include specific areas, such as the midriff, that have undergone recent liposuction surgery; larger areas prone to cellulite such as thighs and buttocks; small areas such as the face and neck.  And the Triple Action technology was developed to treat all body types.  

Tri-Active systems, originally developed three years ago by laser scientists in Italy, are in use all over the world.  Physicians, spas, and other health specialists have used this innovative technology in thousands of individuals to uncover glowing skin.  With just a series of procedures, Tri-Active LaserDermology may enhance the appearance of skin, making it feel smoother and more radiant.



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