The Skin Master Plus

provides the possibility of obtaining
beneficial peeling of the course layer of skin without acids and without side effects.

Skin Master Plus incorporates
3 innovative and successful technologies.

The Skin Master Plus


1 The Peeling with the "Elastic Waves"

This function is used to obtain a definitive exfoliation of the coarse layer of the skin.

Skin Master cleans deeply, getting rid of dead cells, excess sebum, surplus make up, and other toxic substances. Moreover, the cavitation phenomenon, generated by the "elastic wave" destroys the pathogenic germs present, which are partly responsible for some pathologies (eg: Acne)

The "Elastic waves" produced by the actuator breakdown the flaking cells, enclosing them in the peeling solution and favoring removal by vaporization.

The immediate result is soft skin, free of all impurities, sterile with clean pores and hair follicles.

bPeeling: Moisturizing

Dehydration, loss of firmness and elasticity
of the skin represent the main threats for
the health and beauty of the skin.

Skin Master permits perfect moisturizing.
In fact, after the peeling treatment, the access to
the skin is free and receptive and moisturising
solution is easily introduced.

c - Peeling : Circulation

This function is most efficient in activating the local metabolism, particularly on senescent skin, pale, uneven skin tone where the process of cell renewal is slowed down because of a scarce supply of nourishing substances due to bad circulation.

This treatment produces an effective hyperemia, due to the compression and the decompression of the surface subjected to "elastic waves" micro massage.

 2  Regeneration with  M.L.M. :

This therapeutic program, thanks to the supply of Modulated Lotti Microcurrents (MLM) currents, is a powerful activator of the local metabolism.

Early signs of aging, due to external factors is a
general slowing down of synthesis activity,this can be
effectively reversed thanks to Skin Master.

The particular, circular and selective electrodes,
of the Skin Master stimulate the metabolism of
the treated area, carrying out an effective
rejuvenation and prevention of wrinkles

3-  "Laser" : Wrinkles Lifting

A new technology with the singular synergy needles/laser is a powerful producer of collagen and elastin.

Collagen, elastin and glucosaminoglycans in our skin
decrease with age therefore the skin is unable to absorb
the required quantity of moisture that keeps the skin
looking young and taut.

The MLM laser used in the SKIN MASTER stimulates the fluids at the derma level. This brings about the proliferation of fibroblasts, which rebuilds collagen and elastin.

With a few treatments the skin regains its resistance
and elasticity, ans wrinkles and signs of aging disappear. The face appears re-modeled and recaptures all its radiance.

The Secret : the Actuator :

Only the actuator of the SKIN MASTER is powerful enough to realize a complete peeling of the coarse layer of skin

Thanks to SKIN MASTER, today we have the possibility
of obtaining a real peeling without acids and without side effects.

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